Some symbolic functions for lazy boys and girls

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Documentation for package ‘lazy.symbolic’ version 0.1.3

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lazy.symbolic-package lazy.symbolic: Collection of some useful symbolic tools for lazy boys and girls
%/.% Mathematica like postfix replacement
%//% Mathematica like postfix function application
%@% matKTimes operator for Kronecker Product
%m% Minus operator for Elementwise Difference
%p% Plus operator for Elementwise Sum
%T% matTimes operator for Matrix Product
Det Determinant of a Symbolic Matrix by Sweeping
Eval Evaluate Symbolic Expression Which Consists of Numbers
Expand Expand an Expression by Distributing a Multiplicative Factor
find_factors Decompose a Term into Multiplicative Factors separated by *, / or %*%.
find_terms Decompose an Expression into Additive Terms separated by + or -
gen_random_string Generate random strings
Inv Inv operator for Matrix Inversion by matSweep
is_solo Check if the input is a single object
is_valid Check If the Input Expression is Valid
KP Symbolic Expression of the i-j element of the Kronecker Product
lazy.symbolic lazy.symbolic: Collection of some useful symbolic tools for lazy boys and girls
map Map function to each element of exp
mark_soper Mark Special Operator by Single Alpha
mat2sum Express the i-j element of an Matrix Expression using Summation Operators
matKTimes Symbplic Kronecker Product
matReplace Replace Symbolic Expressions with Others
matSweep Symbolic Matrix Sweep Operator
matTimes Symbolic Multiplication of Two or More Matrices
Minus Difference of Two or More Symbolic Expressions
nterms Count the Number of Terms in an Expression
Plus Sum of Two or More Symbolic Expression
Prod Symbolic Product of All the Elements
Simplify Simplify Symbolic Expressions (very primitive version)
Sum Symbolic Sum of All the Elements
sumEval Evaluate Summation:
sumExpand Expand (Distribute) summation
suminfo Information of Nested Summations
sumMoveIn Move summation to the right
sumSimplify Simplify an expression containing summation
Times Elementwise Multiplication of Two or More Symbolic Vectors/Matrices
unmark_soper Recover the Marked Special Operators