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Symbolic Multiplication of Two or More Matrices


Symbolic Multiplication of Two or More Matrices


matTimes(..., method = 1, padd = 0, simplify = 1, debug = 0)



Symbolic matrices or vectors to be multiplied.


= 2 to use educational method


= 0 not to add blank to both sides of + or -


= 0 not to simplify the result


= 1 to print intermediate result


In order to be able to multiply A from the left of B, ncol(A) == nrow(B).
A matrix and a vector can be multiplied as long as the condition above holds.
If one argument is a vector, it will be promoted to either a row or column vector (matrix) to make the two arguments conformable.
If both are vectors of the same length, it will return the inner product.
A scalar can be multiplied to a matrix

Numeric matrices will be treated as character ones.
When you want to chage the sign of all the elements of a matrix, use
A1 <- matMinus( 0, A ) or A1 <- matTimes( -1, A )

If the arguments are super matrices with SMdim attributes, the final result will have an appropriate SMdim attribute.

Can handle fully symbolic partitioned matrices.


A character matrix


A <- demomat(3,2,root="a")
B <- demomat(2,3,root="b")
matTimes( A, B )
C <- demomat(2,3,root="c")
matTimes( A, Plus(B,C) )

A[2,2] <- paste("-",A[2,2],sep="")
B[1,1] <- 0
matTimes( A, B, simplify=0, method=2 )
matTimes( A, B, simplify=0 )
matTimes( A, B )
matTimes( A, B, padd=0 )
matTimes( A, -2 )
matTimes( matTimes(-1,A), B )
matTimes( A, B[,2] )
matTimes( A[1,], B )
matTimes( A, 1:2 )

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