Some useful matrix functions for lazy boys and girls

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Documentation for package ‘lazy.mat’ version 0.1.3

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lazy.mat-package lazy.mat: Some useful matrix tools for lazy boys and girls
a2l Convert array to list
a2m Convert array to supermatrix
ABtoAB Linear Constraints Matrices: from (A, d) and (B, c) to (AA,dd,EE,gg) and (BB,cc)
AtoB Linear Constraints Matrices: form A to form B conversion
BtoA Linear Constraints Matrices: form B to form A conversion
b_diag Makes a Block Diagonal Matrix from the Arguments
chkginv Check if the the second matrix is a generalized inverse of the first one, or vice versa.
Diag Diag(x) creats a diagonam matrix from its argument vector or matrix
getSM Extract a submatrix from a supermatrix
Ginv Generalized Inverse
Integrate Integrate a Univariate Function f from lower to Vector-Valued x.
interleave Interleave the columns of Two Matrices
JacobianMat Calculation of Jacobian Matrix
l2a Convert list to array
lazy.mat lazy.mat: Some useful matrix tools for lazy boys and girls
m2a Convert supermatrix to array
matSwp Matrix Sweep Operator
Mh2Mv Convert a horizontally stacked supermatrix to a vertially stacked one.
modSM<- Assign values to the submatrix of a supermatrix
Mv2Mh Convert a vertically stacked supermatrix to a horizontally stacked one.
pathdist Calculation of Path Distance
pmat Generate a permutation matrix to switch row or column.
QRGS QR decomposition of X matrix by the Gram Schmidt orthogonalization or Finding non redundant columns of X
repmat Stack a matrix n times either horizontally or vertically.
ssq Returns the (doubly weighted) sum of squares of all the elements of A
supermat Declare a supermatrix with SMdim attribute
tr Trace of the input square matrix: Sum of all the diagonal elements of a square matrix.
transp Transpose each matrix contained in a list/array/syupermatrix..
vec Vectorization of a matrix
vecdiag Returns diagonal elements of A as a vector
vech Vectorization of the lower-half or upper-half of a square matrix
vechindex Returns the index to convert vech(Mat) to Mat and vice versa.
vechinv Recover the Symmetric Matrix from its lower or upper half elements stored in a vector created by vech function.
vecindex Returns the index to convert vec(Mat) to vec(t(Mat)) and vice versa.